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TOHITOMO was established in 1987, as a specialized fibre dyeing facility, and has since then developed continuously, with the support of our valued customers. We offer filaments for all applications, such as garments, weave labels, embroidered lace, shoelaces, webbing, ribbons and textiles. Our laboratories offer the latest equipment for computer compound color scanning and processing, and an automated dyeing control system, to ensure precision and consistency. We also offer flame-retardant, anti-burning threads that comply with the requirements (CFR 1615/1616) set forth by the American Consumer Security Association. We currently carry a selection of nearly one hundred long and short fibre materials to suit just about all the needs the industry may demand.
TOHITOMO provides it’s customers with prompt delivery, highest quality, and reasonable price. Our products are accredited for their very high value ratio as compared with our prices. Our output at present reaches 200 tons per month. However we have maintained the flexibility to service small accounts, as well as large ones.
TOHITOMO is constantly active in research and development. We are always developing new varieties and new patterns to meet the industry’s needs. We have imported the latest dyeing and spinning and winding equipment to ensure our position at first customer for our products.
TOHITOMO is very conscious of environmental protection. We offer a biological cleaning facility on our premises that processes all waste, and expels drinkable water back to the environment. We have close cooperation with the China Textile Industry Research Center, the Biological Technology Development Center, and the Industrial Academy of Environmental Security Center. We are active in helping to seek permanent solutions to the problems that face our industry, and to lead in future “Green” programs.
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